Daily Gratitude Tehillim

Uniting People Around the World in Gratitude to the Almighty

Here is a sampling of testimonials from our group members. They were contributed by members from 
​New York to Georgia, from New Mexico to Washington State, and points in between.
​Besides the U.S, we have members in South America, Israel, Scotland, Australia and England.

  • I am so excited to almost be finishing my first round of Tehillim as part of the "Daily Gratitude Tehillim Group." This will be the second time in my life that I have completed Sefer Tehillim. Thank you so much for organizing this Tehillim group and coming up with this amazing concept. It makes completing Sefer Tehillim very manageable. I am so happy to be a part of this wonderful Tehillim Group. Now that I have almost completed the entire Sefer Tehillim as part of this group, I am ready to do it all over again! LB (New York)

  • I didn’t think that I could do this but am now doing the Psalms for the second time around. It has been a true learning experience in terms of understanding the different chapters of Tehillim.  Thank you.
    I also appreciated that if I missed a day here and there it was okay.
    SB (Oceanside, NY)

     I am really grateful for receiving the one-a-day emails because when I turn on my computer in the early morning to check emails and get busy with work - these are like pleasant greetings that arrive and offer me a quick opportunity to enhance my day RIGHT THEN.  So sometimes I just open my tehillim or click on the email and say that day's perek. But sometimes (this is what I try for) the arrival of the email prompts me to grab my siddur instead: I say the birchas haTorah and the early brachos THEN read the day's gratitude perek and some or all of the attachments.  Then, I try to get in Ashrei (more tehillim), Shema and Shacharit before heading out to work. ​
    Mitzvah goreret mitzvah.​
    DG (Savannah, GA)

    Saying tehillim every day allows me to regularly take a few moments out of a busy schedule to reconnect and be re-inspired.

    I love it- even if I don't get to it every day I always appreciate the constant connection and reminder that Tehillim is a great way to connect to Hashem on a daily basis.The power of praying with daily Tehillim has given me spiritual strength to deal with my health. It has calmed me down, I have some anxiety issues. I always feel better after I read them. I read them at night- and I feel closer to Hashem. I love being part of the Gratitude Tehillim Group. Thank you!

    I love the daily emails reminding me to say the psalm of the day. I've already done six rounds of tehillim with the group- I can't believe it! Tizku l'mitzvot. Reading just one psalm a day is a great way for me to take a moment and thank Hashem for all His kindness. Now that I have gotten more familiar with the psalms, I am also more comfortable turning to my Tehillim book when I need to reach out to Hashem.
    I also love that I feel connected to women all over the world, saying the same psalm of the day as me. Keep it going!
  • ​EL (Mercer Island, WA)