Daily Gratitude Tehillim

Uniting People Around the World in Gratitude to the Almighty

Our Mission

 To say One Psalm a Day, in unity and with gratitude. 

  • ​​We unite to say the same psalm each day from the comfort of our own homes at a time of our own choosing.

  • Together we can help bring blessings to the world, our communities, our families and ourselves.

  • By saying just one psalm a day, we are connected with people all over the world. 


  • We strive to become closer to the Almighty by acknowledging all the blessings in our life. 


  • Science shows that people are happier when they concentrate on gratitude. We bolster happier women by getting focused on gratitude.

How We Started

The short version: In 2010, our group's co-founder became ill with an unknown disease. She reached out across the country to Rabbi Yossi Mizrachi who she had seen teaching Torah on www.torahanytime.com. He shared some advice,  "Say Tehillim and cry to Hashem. Hashem listens to prayers with tears."

She had always wanted to get into Tehillim but hadn't done much about it. Though she had embraced observant Judaism in her teenage years, Tehillim was not on the "curriculum." Learning to daven (pray), keep Shabbos (the Sabbath), bentch (blessing after meals), etc., of course! But saying Tehillim? Not really.

Through Hashem's loving hand, the next issue of Bina Magazine featured a group that said one psalm a day. That sounded like just what the rabbi ordered. Joining the group gave her a slow, solid way to start saying psalms. (To understand the slightly longer version of this story, click to see the AISH article.)

Saying tehillim enriched her life so much, she felt compelled to share it with others.

In Elul 2011, the shul rebbetzin and this woman with the unknown disease started their own local One a Day Gratitude Tehillim Group with 15 people in Mercer Island, Washington. Ladies from across the lake (Seattle) heard about it and asked to join. From there they began gathering members in other states and countries, connecting many women through the sisterhood of tehillim. When the Aish articlehit the web, 120 new people joined within a few days and new members are continuously coming into the group.

We welcome you to join us! Let Tehillim enhance your life as it has done for so many others.